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Unlock The Power Of Your Business Finances

Increase Revenue And Build Confidence Around Making Money

  • You want to confidently understand your monthly financial reports so you can make strategic investments and scale your business
  • You want to partner with a financial expert who cares about helping you make informed money-making decisions (without paying the salary of a full-time CFO)
  • You’re making more money in your business and want to know how to grow revenue and profits
  • Your business is busy, and you need to delegate financial management to someone you trust.

Explore my financial consulting services to see which offer will meet your needs. Not sure? Book a consultation, and we can chat about what financial services work best for your business.


01. Money Strategy & Wealth Coaching

PERFECT FOR | Serious business owners who want to understand their finances, so they can grow their company to its maximum potential. With confidential, strategy-based coaching, my clients learn to develop a money mindset that will set them up for long-term success.

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02. CFO For The Day

AN EASY WAY FOR | impact-driven business owners to try out a CFO before hiring one long-term. Together, we’ll analyze your business finances, build a plan to generate game-changing revenue, and reduce any unnecessary expenses. Plus, you’ll receive a customized financial plan and strategies on how to achieve them.

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03. Bookkeeping Clean-Up & Maintenance Services

PERFECT FOR | business owners who’ve fallen behind in their bookkeeping and need help catching up. Whether you’re 1 or 12 months behind, the VIP done-for-you QuickBooks clean-up will get your company financials up to date so you’re ready for tax time. We also have a team of bookkeepers and offer monthly maintenance bookkeeping packages.

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Questions & Answers


  1. I Have More Than 10 Accounts.
    Can You Still Help Me?

    Absolutely! The reason our collection pricing is based on number of accounts is that each account added means more time dedicated to reconciling and organizing your books. Bespoke collections are available for those who have more than 10 accounts.

  2. Do I Really Need Bookkeeping Clean-Up?

    If your bookkeeping is not reconciled to date, then it is best practice for your books to be cleaned up from the date of your last reconciliation. This is to ensure that all of your transactions are categorized correctly to minimize your tax liability and empower you with accurate numbers for your various offerings.

  3. How Long Does Bookkeeping Clean-Up Take?

    That depends on how many months of bookkeeping need to be cleaned-up. We have cleaned up one year of bookkeeping in as little as one week in the past. But every business is unique, so the clean-up process can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month + based on the volume of transactions to categorize and number of accounts to reconcile.

  4. Do You Also Prepare Taxes?

    While we do not prepare taxes, we will maintain your finances so that you will be ready for tax time. We can also recommend a tax preparer if you do not currently have one.

  5. Is Your Company Insured?

    Yes! We are fully insured and certificates of insurance are available upon request.

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