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Alison B. Wright

Alison B. Wright is a Virtual CFO + Money Strategist. She has over 16 years of accounting experience and is a QuickBooks Platinum ProAdvisor. She loves helping entrepreneurs grow their profits and consistently reduce their tax liability. She works with her clients to strategize with them to increase their profitability every year.

Alison's approach to business finances is very different from your typical stuffy accountant. Alison empowers her clients to know their numbers and cheers them on as they make informed decisions for the financial health of their business.

Alison lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her husband and shih tzu Millie Belle. She loves to travel and tries to leave the country at least once per year. The furthest she’s been from home is Tibet.

9 Fun Facts About Alison

Soul Mates



My husband and I met at band camp when we were 14 but did not date until we were in college. We have been married for 22 years now.

My husband and I try to catch the sunset on the beach every night with our shih tzu Millie Belle.

The furthest away from home I’ve ever been was Tibet. The next international destinations I want to visit are Suriname and Croatia.

Tall Tales

Musical Talent

Moment of Zen

I have a limb difference and enjoyed making up stories when I was little about how I lost my 3 fingers. My favorite will always be: “There was this alligator…”

I used to sing professionally with a quartet called the Doorway Singers. Now I just sing in the shower.

My hobby is improv comedy! It’s the only time I feel “zen”. When you’re on stage, your brain does not have time to think, you just “do”, and it’s all based on a 1-word suggestion.

Chip Chip Hooray!

Passion Project

Ni Hao

My passion project, Wanderlust Dream Hair, offers wigs and toppers to women with hair loss due to medical conditions. I lost my mom to cancer when I was 13 so I am passionate about helping women regain their confidence after chemo.

I lived in Wuhan China many years ago before ‘the rona’ was a thing.

My husband and I host a Taco Tuesday dinner every Tuesday!

alison b wright virtual cfo money strategist

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