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CFO For The Day

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Let’s Face It… You’ve Worked Hard, And Deserve To…

  • Know exactly what’s happening in your business and how to best leverage your time so that you can fully enjoy the profits
  • Have a reliable financial strategist by your side, instead of trying to figure it all out by yourself—risking everything that you’ve worked so hard to build
  • Wear just one hat—the business owner—and feel the power and security of that position, knowing that you’ve got the financial and organizational stability to sustain it
  • Experience a strategic partnership that provides you with the financial strategies your business needs to grow, and the support you need to thrive as a business owner
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Alison B. Wright

I’m a money-making whiz, a virtual CFO, and a master of financial strategy. With a whopping 16 years of experience in finance, I’ve been crunching numbers in more industries than you can shake a stick at. From online coaching to brick-and-mortar, for-profit to charities, and Universities to the government, I’ve seen it all in the accounting world.

I’m all about helping female business owners increase revenue and reduce tax liability. I work hand in hand with my clients to brainstorm and develop income generating plans to make bottom-line profits shoot through the roof year after year.

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Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You make every financial decision but have no idea if you’re making
the best decisions for your business.

You feel frustrated that people in your life don’t get it—your family,
friends, and even your employees.

You’re constantly stressed about cash flow and the pressure to scale.


CFO For The Day

The Revenue Creator Roadmap that lives up to its name! Together, we’ll dive into your business financials and money mindset and create an action plan to make your business game-changing revenue! Walk away with a personalized blueprint of your financial goals and how to reach them!

  • 1-to-1 Revenue Creator Roadmap In-Depth Assessment
  • Up-to-Date Financial Report To Drive High-Revenue Decisions
  • Top Lead Generation Strategy
  • 90-Day Revenue Raising Roadmap
  • 4-Week Follow-Up Round Table Meeting
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Step One: Analyze

Together, we’ll examine your financial data to determine your business’ sales, expenses, and, most crucially, its PROFIT. This will show you what you have taken out as an owner and how much debt (if any) your business is carrying.

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Step Two: Forecast

Do you know how to match your quarterly revenue targets to your big, bold business goals?
We’ll come up with a list of goals for your business based on my 4-step Revenue Generator design.

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Step Three: Implement

Based on your current financials and business goals, we’ll make a plan to help you reach your revenue targets. With your 90-Day Revenue Raising Roadmap planner, you’ll leave the call with practical steps for stress-free implementation.

Let’s get started
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4-Week Follow-Up Meeting

(value $800)

  • As your money strategist, I won’t abandon you after this in-depth assessment.
  • In 4 weeks, we’ll have another meeting to review your progress and offer further assistance if needed.
  • In only 20 minutes, we’ll make sure you’re on target to meet your revenue and cash flow goals.
  • Plus… The Revenue Creator Roadmap Planner will cover your current numbers and revenue goals in an easy-to-implement action plan so you can hit your quarterly revenue targets!

Questions & Answers


  1. Who Is A Good Fit For The CFO For The Day?

    Applications for CFO for the Day are limited to entrepreneurs with 3+ years of experience and have access to their financial reports from their bookkeeper or CPA.

  2. What Type Of Businesses Do You Work With?

    I work with clients in a variety of industries, including Online Coaching, Branding Agencies, Social Media Agencies, PR Firms, Artists, Style Consultants, Musicians, Website Design, Wedding planners, Corporate event planners, Retreat planners, Copywriting agencies and more!

  3. I Have A Successful Business That’s Growing Just Fine. Why Should I Bother Hiring A CFO?

    CFO services are crucial to the health of your business at every stage of growth. If your business is successful, it’s important to continue prioritizing its financial health to keep the momentum going. You need a custom financial plan to protect your business’s money and potential for future growth. The time to have the roadmap is before you enter the forest. It will cost you 10x more to go back and fix mistakes than it will to set a solid foundation now.

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